Tiny Treasures, Baby Gift Basket

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Tiny Treasures, Baby Gift Basket - available in Pink only


Price: $48.00

This trunk full of treasures offers heart-warming gifts, keepsakes, music and even a special treat for the proud parents!

Available in Blue for baby boys or Pink for baby girls.

We have filled a very attractive wooden trunk with a beautiful baby frame, a “My First Lost Tooth” Container, a “Baby’s Lock of Hair” container, a “Loving Lullabies” CD, a wonderful “Post Card from God” decoration (see below) and as special treat for the parents, Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

The ceramic Post Card from God reads:

Blessed Parents

I knew and loved this child before he (she) was born. Take good care of him (her) and tell him (her) all about me. He (She) is my child, too.



The post card comes in a boy or a girl version, depending on the basket chosen.

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